Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Prayer for my foster child

Tonight the journey begins.  I will be attending Foster Parent Orientation.  Next week I will begin 10 weeks worth of classes, to be followed by paperwork, background checks, fingerprinting, paperwork, home studies, and yes, more paperwork.

Theoretically, you could say I'm in my "2nd Trimester."  Of course my baby could be a 3 year old or siblings, or, yes, an infant.

As I face this reality, I am growing more aware that my child, the child (or children) God has planned for me to be Momma too, they are alive right now.  And they are likely facing whatever it is that causes them to be separated from their biological parents.  That is an overwhelming prospect that I can do nothing about myself.  The thought that they may be scared or abused this very moment breaks my heart.

So I pray - the only and most effective thing I can do.

Heavenly Daddy, 
Please protect the children You already know will be entrusted to me.
If they are in a home of abuse, please shield them from it.  Surround them with a shield that causes them to not see abuse done to others and protect their own bodies from harm.
Let their ears not hear angry and vile words sent out to tear them down.
Let them feel love from somewhere, even if they are in a loveless home.
Let them be shielded from drugs and other inappropriate substances.
Lord, if they are still in the womb right now, protect their forming bodies from substances that could destroy their futures.  Work a miracle and block those toxins from hurting them.  
Guard their hearts and their minds.  Help them to know how to love and attach.  
Work in ways I could never understand to help these children grow into fabulous, strong, and smart individuals with a passion for life and for You.  
God, help me to be the momma that they need.  For however long they need.  Give me strength to understand their needs and to love them well.  
Protect my children I've never met Lord.  Hold them tight in Your hand until I can hold them in my arms.  
In Jesus' precious name,


  1. Excited for you and will be praying with you as you take on this new amazing and extremely difficult challenge. Love ya Abby and hope to see you at the wedding!

  2. It is so hard... the excitement of having a child coming into your home and yet the knowledge that the circumstances are so beyond what you would ever wish for a child. It is one of the many difficult things when it comes to fostering... your anticipation in the midst of sorrow and hurting. I can remember thinking about my future child and weeping wondering what they were going through and feeling such sorrow for them. This whole process is just filled with so many of those moments. BUT... the reality is that you are being proactive, you are moving, you are opening your heart and home for these children- children who would be hurting no matter what. And for that there is joy. Keep that prayerful spirit... it's the thing that will get you through it all!