Wednesday, February 1, 2012

How it all started, part 2

5 years ago, I sat with my co-worker, as he shared with tears in his eyes, his and his wife's desire to have children.  I began to pray for them.

A little over a year later they welcomed their first foster child into their home.  24 hours later the child was returned to his home.  They began the see-saw that is foster parenting.  And while I admired them for it, I still had no desire to ever make that a part of my life.

I've watched their story continue to play out as they have welcomed many children into their home.  Their story is here.  It is well worth the 4 minutes.  Please watch it.  

Last year, I had moved into a house with two friends.  My boss and her husband had just begun foster parenting classes to start their own journey - also hoping to start their family, much like my friends had 4 years ago.  My boss came to me the morning after one of their classes and said words that ended up changing my life, "Did you know they want single mom foster parents?  We thought of you and we think you should pray about it."

So I did.  And my heart was broken for the thousands of children in limbo all around our nation.  I prayed for months until it became clear that this was what was next for me.

I had and continue to have peace over this decision.  When my lease is up this June, my remaining roommate and I will part ways and I will move into a two-bedroom home (which is a story in and of itself).

From there, I will do my best to be a light in the world of whatever child is put in my path.  I will be their Momma, for as long as God calls me to be.

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