Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The day I become a Momma...

I've thought a lot about the first day I will have a foster child.  Because it struck me one day, that day will be the day I become a Mom.  Forever and always.

I firmly believe that once you are a mom, you always are.  You would never tell a woman whose child has died that they are no longer a mom.  Because you are a mom for life.

And I'm committed to being 100% a mom to every child I am given for as long as they are with me.

My sweet friend Rachel  once told me, "You are already a mom, you just don't have any children yet."  That meant so much to me.

But I do wonder, if, in the moment of picking up my first foster child, I will be aware enough of that life changing moment.  Because, you, child, whoever you are, are going to change who I am forever.  Right now I am many things - daughter, sister, baker, missionary, Abigail, Abby, etc... but on that day, I will forever add 'Mother' to that list.

And oh, my heart breaks for whatever situation brings that child to me.  But I hope I won't forget to be grateful for the chance I'm being given.  And I will take every moment I can to pour love into that child.

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  1. You are beautiful inside and out, Abigail! It is so exciting to see God working his perfect plan in your heart and your actions. May you be blessed now and the sweet moment you welcome your first kiddo into your home. What an inspiring blog...I'm so proud of you! Love you, dear friend! xo