Friday, December 21, 2012

Unexpected life

So...remember the "placement that almost was?"  As many of you know from my Facebook page, he is now the placement that IS.  Meaning, an 11-month old little boy now lives at my house.  Christmas Eve will mark 2 full weeks with me.

In brief, it has been:

  • A whirlwind
  • Crazy
  • Frustrating
  • Tiring
  • Wonderful

Little man came to me teething, sick, and scared as I was adjusting to no longer being just a single woman living alone.  Total life change for both of us.  It was ROUGH.  There were tears from both of us.  Then I got his cold and it got even harder.

Through the faithful prayers of friends and the listening ears of friends and my wonderful Mom and amazing helping hands, we made it through those first days.  

Now, I have a happy, healthy, giggly, BIG baby who is keeping me on my toes!  He's doing great at daycare and sleeps through the night like a rock star.  Tomorrow he has his first visit with his biological mom at a nearby park and then Sunday we fly to Indiana for 9 days for Christmas.  Prayers would be appreciated for both of those events.  I consider myself an expert packer and traveler, but this is a whole new ball of wax!  We fly at bedtime, so pray that my little rock star is able to sleep in my arms during the flight and transition well to the car and then to bed at my parent's house Sunday night.

PS - if you would like to see pictures of Baby H, message me and I'll send you a private link to a page of pics!


  1. As a social worker who has experience with the foster care system both professionally and personally I want to tell you what a tremendous blessing you are to that little boy! In the midst of your overwhelming role as foster mom, please remember to uphold his biological mom in your prayers, too! Richest blessings to you and safe travels!

  2. I'm sure you already have lots of advice, but I can't help myself! Make sure he has something to suck on for takeoff and landing, it helps with popping ears. The airlines will check the stroller at the gate and then give it back at the gate when you land so you can use it to get him through the airports. We've only flown with Aiden as a baby and he fell asleep as soon as he heard the engines and didn't wake up again until we landed both ways. God has wired you for this from the beginning! It won't always go perfect, but as long as he goes to bed at night knowing he is deeply loved by you and Jesus you have done your job.

  3. I'd love to see pictures! You know our email address, right? Hey, one more piece of advice about flying with babies... the vibration tends to "set things loose." It's tempting to pack light for dipes, wipes, xtra change of clothes, and plastic bags to contain the mess - but don't. :) I also really like to take one of those travel packs of clorox wipes in case the mess is hard to contain in that tiny lavatory with the changing table and the squirmy baby. But don't worry. You're gonna do great and you'll have a great time! Love you, friend.

  4. Nathan and I would love to see pics!! If you have any to actually send out, please send us one too so I can put you up at my desk! Love you both!! Nathan, Julie and Ema Holt