Friday, September 21, 2012

12 weeks...

and counting.   My application is still at the local office.  Sitting.  With several others.  It's been 4 weeks since I last posted and my status hasn't changed.

Life hasn't stopped though.

I've been to Kenya and back - awesome - amazing time.

Also, I currently have members of a Christian rock band (and wives!) sleeping on my pull-out sofa and in my guest room this week.  Their housing fell through at the last minute and since I currently don't have any foster kids, I could open up my home to the folks of Willet.  They play at Crosspoint tonight and it's been fun hosting them the past couple of days - it's not everyday you can say that you have a band sleeping on your couch!  They're great people and they have an AMAZING heart for service.  Great people, check them out - their song, "You are not just holy" is one of my favorites.  You can give it a listen on their website and see some of the awesome ministries they have started.  

That said, I AM thankful that God has been giving me many opportunities to use my house to bless people before I have foster children.  I know God is using this time to shape me into the Mom I need to be for whatever children He has for me to care for - just pray that I can have patience!!

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