Monday, July 30, 2012

Something beautiful

Something beautiful has happened this past year.  A whole lot of people I leaned on hard left the year before.  That's not the beautiful.

The beautiful is this:

I call home more often.  Just to chat.  Or ask for advice.  Or on really, really hard days, just to have my Momma or Daddy tell me that I'm alright.

And sometimes I think about calling them "just because" but talk myself out of it because we just talked!

I've always been fiercely independent girl.  I've heard that you naturally go back to your parents for more and more bits of wisdom as you get older, as you become a parent.  I'm doing both, so it makes sense.

But this is my stop and smell the roses moment.  Because I am so thankful for the luxury I have been given in wonderful, Godly parents.  I'm thankful to have them to call.  I'm thankful for the prayers of so many.  I'm thankful for good friends and siblings who encourage.  I'm thankful for my niece who popped on Skype the other day just to tell me she missed me and as we chatted, told me she thinks I'm going to make a great mom.

How blessed can a girl get?

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  1. beautiful...thanks for your heartfelt