Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Ode to Peanut Butter

Tonight, I made these (okay, someone else made these, mine are still firming up in the freezer)

while belting out 'Til I See You and Hosanna at the top of my lungs (thank you Pandora).

This is the second time I've made them in a week.  Don't judge.  My department is doing an offsite at my house tomorrow.  And people really like them.  And then they like me.  I mean, um...they're just really, really good, and easy!

And can I tell you all a secret?  I think peanut butter is the bomb.  (Do people still say, "the bomb?"  "Da" bomb?)  Seriously.  I used to think it was silly that the food missionaries always stereotypically want brought to them is peanut butter.  Not any more.  I don't eat peanut butter sandwiches - but Thai Peanut chicken?  Peanut butter chocolate chip cookies?  Buckeye bark?  Be still my heart.

Another secret?  Since jr. high, I haven't measured peanut butter once.  Nope.  I just grab a big spoon, pull up a scoop and compare it to a measuring cup, while the cup stays blissfully un-peanut buttered.  It was laziness really.  Who likes to clean out peanut butter from crevices?  Not this girl.  But now, I think I'm a bit smug in saying, I am an awesome peanut-butter-measurer-eyeballer.  It's a thing.  Next winter olympics, wait and see.

Peter Pan.  How I love you.  A Disney hinted treat from my whole childhood.  Mom always told me that peanut butter was not something you bought the cheap-o brand of.  You can taste the difference!  She bought this in a 48938378291 gallon tub at Sam's Club when I was growing up.  Huge.  I was always a little nervous of dropping that on my toes.  But I never did.  I dropped whole watermelon once (home alone, trying to be too big for my britches), but never the peanut butter.  I recently bought, not one, but two of the big old 40 oz tubs in creamy.  And I already had a 40 oz tub of crunchy.  They were BOGO, I couldn't resist.  If I ever move overseas and you visit me - well you know what to bring.

Now all I have to say is:  "Dear Lord, please let my kids be blissfully un-allergic to peanut butter!

and strawberries.

and gluten, please, please let them be able to eat gluten!

Let's face it, Lord, I want my kids to be foodies too.


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  1. Actually, I think everyone likes you because you're awesome... way more than because the food you make is awesome.